Jun 162009


Universal calculations in MDX was the title of my session at KulenDayz 2009 conference, held in Beli Manastir, Croatia, on 13th of June, 2009.

Presentation, MDX queries and SSAS projects (based on Adventure Works 2008 sample) of this adapted version of the presentation held in Manchester this year can be downloaded here.

This revision is a small step towards my goal of writing a paper on this subject. But, that has in the meantime become a low priority task and is therefore postponed.

Jun 092009


One year ago, I discovered Microsoft MSDN SSAS forum, registered as a new user and started testing myself by answering other users questions. Pretty soon I started to like it and kept coming quite often.

Since SSAS is my specialty, I had many correct answers, which positioned me among top answerers right from the begining (and kept there throughout the year which I had also set myself as a goal and publicly announced inside the company). Other stats for the period are as such: 1000+ posts, 200+ answers, 4500+ points.

I’m satisfied with that score and the goal achieved, but far more with two other things: I helped a lot, I learned a lot. That’s because I like to help/teach, I like to learn/be thought and I like switching it from time to time. It enriches me. Besides, it’s in my nature (which a careful follower of my SSAS posts have surely noticed by now, if not for anything else, then for the length of my posts :-)).

My final conclusion is that the activity in forum was a wonderful experience. I recommend it to everyone.


In the following year I’ll continue to contribute to MSDN forum, though in a bit reduced way. I plan to engage more in writing blog posts and articles for magazines, learning new things, passing exams, presenting and organizing courses (besides my regular job, of course). And that takes time.

What will come out of it, we’ll see in a year from now review. The adventurous spirit is ready for the sequel …