Jan 182009


2008 was a very good year for me. I’ve been on maternity leave with my son, engaged in SSAS forum, went to London and Seattle and met some very nice people from all around the globe, virtually and in person.

I fulfilled all the goals I set for myself:

1) Become recognized as one of the people who are good in SSAS
2) Achieve and retain a top half position in SSAS forum
2) Spread the word about our product, CubePlayer
3) Pass my first MS exam (70-445)

Although there were some losses (my pension fund i.e., as everyone’s else I guess), the overall gain is much greater. And despite the current crisis, I believe 2009 will bring even more good things for me and the company I work for. It’s only up to us to reach for it!

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  1. Hello Tomislav,

    When you work for a living, you tend to pick things up. If you are smart, you save them, study them, and figure out why they worked and something else didn’t work. If you are a nice person, you share your knowledge so someone else can benefit from it. You are the later one. Due to people like you many of us benefit a great deal. I thank you for all your efforts to help others.




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