Oct 012009

Today I’ve been awarded the Microsoft MVP status.

I’m very happy about it and want to express my gratitude towards:

  • the company I work for, SoftPro Tetral, for providing a nice climate to learn and evolve from day one, and for supporting me in my wishes and activities
  • my collegues, for pushing each other to his/her limits
  • Chris Webb, for his kind words about me when I was starting and everything involving me being at two SQLBits conferences
  • Edward Melomed, Raymond-Lee and other forum moderators, for regularly following my posts in SSAS forum
  • Alessandro Teglia, for bringing good news as my new MVP lead
  • Dean Vitner, for giving me a chance at Kulendayz conference
  • all members of SSAS forum, some for sharing their problems, others for sharing their knowledge and ideas with the rest of us
  • SSAS bloggers, for valuable information in their articles and Vidas Matelis, for his SSAS-Info hub
  • readers of my humble blog, for their small but encouraging feedback
  • everyone else I met, vitually or in real world during this year or so, for sharing a moment and enriching me as a person
  • and last but not least, my family, for having patience with me during my moments of inspiration

Thank you all.

PS: I could just drop those bullets, leave the last sentence and hope that you’ll all recognize yourself in it. But then, you know me, I find it hard to write a small post :-)

  6 Responses to “Microsoft MVP Award”

  1. Well deserved Tomislav. I too got it today itself.

  2. Congratulations Tomislav.

  3. Congratulations Tomislav. Welcome to the "club" :-)

  4. Congrats, Tomislav – and hope to see you at PASS Seattle!

  5. Well done, you deserve it!

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