Jun 272010

Hi everyone,

just a short notice for all of your that I’ve moved my blog to a new platform and I’ve finally made use of the domain in my possession. I must say I feel much comfy here with all those gadgets and settings. Yes, I’m running it on my own. Can’t help it, the geek in me likes to have control and fine-tune everything.

All the posts including code, pictures, comments, links, dates and other settings are transfered successfully. Some things still need to be done, but the blog is functional and running and my vacation is starting :-).

The old blog is still on, but has its comments closed. Its content will be updated to include the corresponding links on this blog. Finally, to keep only one version of truth, posts in the old blog will be deleted after some time, but their titles will remain. Inside each post in the old blog I will put a direct link to corresponding post on this blog. In short, they will become shortcuts and stay such in future.

Please, update your links and favorites that refer to my old blog when you find the time. Thank you.

If you’re interested in performing the same operation I made, drop me an e-mail. I might also post an article about it.

Hope you’ll like the new environment. My apologies for any inconvenience I caused by this decision.

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