Apr 182011

Two weeks ago I was in Rovinj doing presentation (and a small BI workshop) at the biggest yearly gathering of IT geeks in Croatia – WinDays 11. The conference was organized by Microsoft Croatia. The title of my presentation? “Business Intelligence Semantic Model”, or BISM, for short.

Here’s the abstract of that session in English/Croatian:

The next version of SQL Server brings several news related to Business Intelligence. This session will focused on one of them – the new semantic model inside SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) known as BISM. We’ve already had a chance to see the Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM), athough not exactly under that name. It was PowerPivot with its VertiPaq storage and DAX calculations. The next version of Analysis Services will enable the use of the BISM in addition to the already existing UDM. What it means to BI implementers, what it means for end users? The presentation will focus on explaining what BISM really is and compare it with the existing UDM. If you’re interested in cubes, PowerPivot and similar BI stuff, come and see what the future brings.

Sljede?a ina?ica SQL Servera donosi nekoliko novosti vezanih uz Business Intelligence. Ovo predavanje fokusirat ?e se na jednu od njih – novi semanti?ki model unutar Analysis Services (SSAS) poznat pod kraticom BISM. Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM) smo ve? imali prilike vidjeti iako ne pod tim imenom. Radilo se o PowerPivotu i njegovom modelu spremanja podataka koji po?iva na vrsnom VertiPaq engine-u i uporabi DAX kalkulacija. Sljede?a ina?ica Analysis Services omogu?avat ?e, pored dosadašnjeg modela poznatog pod kraticom UDM, korištenje BISM modela. Što to zna?i za implementatore BI rješenja, a što za korisnike? Tema predavanja bit ?e objašnjenje BISM-a i njegova usporedba s postoje?im UDM-om. Zanimaju li vas kocke, PowerPivot i sli?ne BI stvari, do?ite na predavanje da vidite što budu?nost nosi.

In case you’re interested, the presentation is available here:

Looking forward to your feedback.


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  1. Thank you!

  2. This is the best PPT Presentation on BISM that I have seen – Excellent!

    Any update on whether SSRS will be able to use DAX in Denali?

    In your slide #50 “Positioning the BISM” -which I like very much. You reference Thomas Kejser, SQLCAT – is this based on your or Microsofts recommendations? If so from where?
    ColumnStore Indexes are very intriquing why would they be only recommended at the 50+ Gb level

    Again thanks so much for posting!


    • I believe events like PASS or TechEd are moments where Microsoft says more about what will be available in the next release. We might find out something about SSRS next week at PASS.
      The slide #50 is Thomas’ interpretation. I presume it is based on his experience in the SQLCAT team.
      CS indexes? Not only on that level. It’s just that at that scale there are no other options, so CS indexes are your best (and only) friend. The slide is about which technology rules in which area.
      Btw, the terminology has changed a bit since I made this presentation. UDM is now called BISM Multidimensional, and what represents BISM in my presentation is now called BISM Tabular.
      Anyway, it’s good to hear that the translation of slides and post-event entry of comments was not in vain.
      Thanks for the feedback Rick!

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